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Group courses

Besides the teacher, you can talk to other students in Hungarian and help each other learn! This helps you overcome your inhibitions and also gives you extra motivation!


The biggest advantage of individual Hungarian lessons is that they are flexible, you don’t have to adapt to other students. This goes for both the timing of the lessons and the learning process.

Hi Everybody,

My name is Mihály, and I'm a certified Hungarian as a Foreign Language Teacher. Let me invite you for a quick Hungarian lesson, where you can learn how to say hi and order a drink in Hungarian!

Want to learn more about Hungarian culture? Check out some of my other video lectures, or follow my FB page, “Hangout in Hungary”.

Do you have any questions?

If you can’t decide which course you should choose, contact me and I will help you find the best solution after a free online consultation.

About the language courses

I carefully prepare for the classes so that we can fill every minute with valuable content. Emphasis is put mostly on speaking, but other skills are practised as well (listening, reading, and writing), depending on what you need the most in your everyday life or job.

In most cases (especially with beginner students), I use a course book. There are various course books available, and I always try to pick the one which suits the learner’s (or group’s) personality and needs. Learning from a course book doesn’t mean that we do all the exercises one by one, it’s more like a guide, which gives the learning process a nice frame.

In each class, you can learn about a new topic and/or grammar structure, which helps you convey your ideas in Hungarian. We practise new vocab and grammar through written tasks, drills, and role plays.

At the beginning of the learning process, I like setting up both short-term and long-term plans. Example of short-term plan: speaking in Hungarian about a topic for at least 5 minutes without using English. Long-term plans can involve language exams, job or citizenship interviews, etc.

Actually, I’m a language learner myself (I’m learning Polish), so I know exactly how learners feel! According to my students I’m patient, organised, and resourceful. The classes are always fun (which doesn’t mean that there’s no hard work happening), and I get on well with all my students.

Do book a trial class with me if you like my description. Can’t wait to have you as one of my new students! 🙂

Information about the courses

If you want to dig deeper, and explore the Hungarian language and culture in detail, you can enroll for individual or group classes online, via Skype. In case of group classes, there are 4 students per class. If there are less students enrolled for the course one day before the deadline, I will contact you via email.

Required for courses

Stable internet connection